Samantha Barks: live at the Mayflower Theatre

On Saturday night I had the absolute enjoyment of attending Samantha Barks’ solo concert at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton.

This was the first time I have been able to go to one of her concerts, so it was a very special experience and an evening that I will not forget! The set list was based around the theme of nostalgia and we were taken on a trip down memory lane as Samantha sang songs from her album along with other songs that were iconic for her. The evening was very heartfelt and it was evident that she was re-living some key moments of her life and career through the songs; a number of which were dedicated to family members. An extra personal touch was added as she told the story behind each one and what they meant for her. The evening was very sincere and I came away feeling quite moved.

Special Guest Kerry Ellis gave a powerful performance of the song ‘Finding Wonderland’ from the show she is in at the moment: Wonderland, as well as ‘Somebody to Love’ from We Will Rock You. However, the highlight for me, as I have gathered it was for many in the audience, was when Samantha and Kerry sang a duet of ‘For Good’ from Wicked. The lyrics took on a new meaning when they were singing them to each other; it was a touching moment. I can only say that Samantha would make an absolutely outstanding Elphaba!

The selection of original songs mixed with Disney, musical theatre, soul, and pop showed off Samantha’s stunning vocal range. I had a thoroughly enjoyable night and am very glad I was able to go. As a long-time supporter of Samantha, I am looking forward to seeing what her next project is, and hope to see her perform like this again in the future.


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