A Christmas Carol

I was astonished at how this one man could play every single character so convincingly with the help of just three candle sticks and a few items of clothing.



Whether it is Sondheim’s music that gives this show its classy touch or that combined with the glamorous costumes, colossal cast and grand set; the whole show feels like a tribute to the Ziegfeld days and the idea of glorifying America.


Grease is regarded as one of the greatest shows of all time, but for me this particular production didn’t live up to my expectations.

Kinky Boots

In this review I rave about fake bricks and go on a brief tangent about a completely different show, all whilst re-living an experience I had three weeks ago.

Further thoughts after seeing Annie…

Today  I wanted to talk about something which became apparent to me whilst watching the show but that didn’t really fit into the review that I wrote last week…


Conclusively this piece is well done, but for me it didn’t feel as original as I’d hoped it would. I had Imagined that seeing it on the West End would change my opinions- that it would be packed with more ‘oomph’, yet I came away feeling pretty much the same as I did when I saw the tour two years ago…


In my opinion it was a beautiful piece of theatre which was very well executed…

Billy Elliot

The dancing completely blew my mind, not only from the young boy that played Billy, who was absolutely stunning, but from the entire cast as well.


Sometimes a show affects me in such a way that I feel as though a force is pulling my body forwards, as though I want to get as close to the stage as possible. It’s like I’m a marionette and invisible strings are gently tugging my body.

The Wind in the Willows

When I heard that The Wind in the Willows was going to be made into a musical I was excited. When I heard that The Wind in the Willows was going to be made into a musical and that Julian Fellows was writing it, I was ecstatic.