Billy Elliot

The dancing completely blew my mind, not only from the young boy that played Billy, who was absolutely stunning, but from the entire cast as well.



Sometimes a show affects me in such a way that I feel as though a force is pulling my body forwards, as though I want to get as close to the stage as possible. It’s like I’m a marionette and invisible strings are gently tugging my body.

The Wind in the Willows

When I heard that The Wind in the Willows was going to be made into a musical I was excited. When I heard that The Wind in the Willows was going to be made into a musical and that Julian Fellows was writing it, I was ecstatic.


“You can’t download theatre.” A simple phrase that was rewarded with a sea of heads nodding in appreciation during the opening speech given by Adam Kenwright; executive Vice President of the Ambassador Theatre Group, and the TheatreCraft 2016 Ambassador.   On Monday 14th November I had the fantastic experience of attending TheatreCraft: London’s biggest careers…

The Last Five Years

As the familiar opening bars of the music started and the auditorium fell into silence, I felt chills creep up my spine as Samantha Barks walked onto the stage to sing the opening number.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is the most magical show I have ever seen. It’s not often that I actually cry during a show, but during the course of watching this production I found myself unable to see properly through my watery eyes.

The Sound of Music

A new and fresh adaptation of the original Rogers and Hammerstein musical. This world-renowned production, which tells the heart-warming story of the Von-Trapp family during the Second World War features the much loved songs Do-Re-Mi, My Favourite Things, and So Long, Farewell.

Show Boat

This show was completely immersive and right from the beginning I felt that I was on the Cotton Blossom myself.

West End Live (18th-19th June 2016)

West End Live is probably the stagiest event of the year. The only way I can describe it is pure joy. 🙂 If you love musical theatre then I thoroughly recommend going to West End Live. (Even if you aren’t a massive theatre fan I’d still recommend going) It is an event like no other….

Guys and Dolls

On exiting the auditorium I was met with grins from other audience members, it was clear that we had all been transported to another time and another place. It is not very often that I completely forget I am sat in a theatre, however last night I did.


First of all ‘hello!’

My name is Laura, and I have just finished my second year at uni, studying Fine Art. Aside from painting and drawing and generally being creative, I have an enormous love for theatre! (Musical theatre to be specific). To be honest I’m not sure exactly where this came from, because no-one in my family really has an interest in theatre, and I never liked drama in school. Although I suppose drama in school is quite different to a West End Musical!